• “At our clinic, we use Brandy’s BOAs in six therapy rooms with hundreds of clients per week. They are dependable and durable. But most importantly, they allow children to express a variation of feelings from strong feelings of aggression to loving nurturance. Hits and hugs, Brandy’s BOAs take it all!”
    Dee Ray, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC, RPT-SAssociate Professor, Counseling Program Director, Child and Family Resource Clinic University of North Texas
  • Some therapists hold that the Bobo and other aggressive toys should be excluded from the playroom as they elicit acting-out behavior that is transferred to the world outside the playroom. However, many therapists view the inclusion of these items as imperative elements that facilitate positive growth and maturation in the child. Interviews with authorities in the field of play therapy support the position that the inclusion of the Bobo is not only useful, but a therapeutic necessity.
    Dr. Garry LandrethInternational Journal of Play Therapy, Vol 12(1), 2003, 117-139.
  • “I believe a bop-bag is a critical element for children in play therapy. As most believe, the bop-bag does communicate “In here, you can act out. Punch me, hit me, I’ll come back for more.” It allows the child to express anger in an appropriate manner and develop mastery. For example, I’ve had many sexually abused children become re-empowered. I also have children go on to use the bop-bag as a horse, a friendly figure, a mountain to climb, a creative option for nurturing and soothing behavior. A bop-bag meets those requirements for any play therapy room item: open to the creativity of the child. It can become many words for them to use.”
    Linda E. Homeyer, PhD, LPCS, RPTSTexas State University-San Marcos
  • “The search for a durable bop-bag is over! Brandy’s BoA is the answer to many play therapists’ wishes — a sturdy, nonabrasive bop bag that is nearly indestructible. I purchased one several years ago and put it to the test in our practice with children of all ages. Not only did it endure beautifully, children and adolescents were able to use it in a variety of ways, and they expressed how much they liked it. I am enthusiastic about this product, and I sincerely and happily endorse it.”
    Rise VanFleet, Ph.DPresident, Family Enhancement & Play Therapy Center Past President, Association for Play Therapy Internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and trainer