48” Erasable BOA

48” Erasable BOA


The white BOA has the ability for the client to draw on its surface with specialized wet markers that come with the bag upon purchase. The markers will be in a pouch with sponges to be used for wet erasing the ink from the casing. The markers that are sent with the white BOA are the only type of markers that should be used, as they have been tested and found to be the most erasable on the market with this material. We do recommend erasing the ink as soon as possible as the outer vinyl is a porous material and may be stained if the ink is left on. This white casing provides a blank canvas of creativity for the child to express how they feel in a new and creative way.

Our BOAs are meant for indoor use only, and they each come with a two-year appropriate play warranty. (Warranty does not cover stains on the fabric, or stabbing the bag with scissors, knives, metal darts, etc.)

It utilizes a sand-weighted base, sand is not included.

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